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Privacy & Security

Global Health’s Cloud infrastructure is provided by AAPT. AAPT’s  data centres are located in Melbourne and Sydney. In line with the Australian Privacy Act, no data in these centres leave the country.
AAPT is a 100% Australian owned Tier 1 telecommunication and infrastructure provider. There are no implications associated with the US Patriot Act (i.e. the US Government has no rights to inspect patient data stored in our systems).

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What is Global Health Cloud?

Global Health Cloud is as a subscription based ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS), hosted in a secure environment in partner with our software products. Your data is maintained, managed and backed-up at a protected ISO accredited datacentre in Australia, while also remaining accessible to you - anytime, anywhere.
Global Health’s cloud hosting is available for the following products:
  • MasterCare ePAS for hospitals, day surgeries, outpatient clinics and rehabilitation centres
  • MasterCare EMR for allied health and medical specialists
  • MasterCare MHAGIC for Psychologists, Psychiatrists and other mental health professionals
  • ReferralNet Claims stand-alone claiming application for all healthcare professionals

Benefits of the cloud

Managed service 
We provide the appropriate infrastructure and configuration for your organisation so that you only pay for what you need. We manage your cloud services on an ongoing basis by regularly monitoring the server status, updates and server performance.
24/7 access from anywhere 
You can access Global Health’s software from anywhere, 24/7, via a secure connection.
Cloud hosting by a premium provider 
Our cloud platform is built on an Australian Tier 1 provider and partnering company, AAPT. The hardware is storedd at a premium location in Australia with world-class security, and equipment with 99.95% up-time guaranteed.
Worry free backup solution 
AAPT provides a FULL back-up on a 35 day rotation. In case of a disaster, your organisation can be up and running again within a day.
Eliminates the need for hardware renewal
Global Health removes the hassle of hardware upgrades and renewals. You may choose to increase your data storage or use additional infrastructure resources which can be setup within minutes.
Save money on software licensing (Operating System & SQL Database) 
Don't pay for full server license fees as they are included as part of the Cloud service. Free and automatic software version upgrades are also included in the monthly subscription.
Single point of contact 
Global Health will be your single point of contact for your healthcare software and IT needs - no need to scramble to find your IT Managers number. 

For more information contact us on 1300 723 938 or email

Internet Connection

ADSL2+ is the minimum recommended connection speed.

Operating System

Microsoft Windows 7 or above with a minimum of 2GB RAM
Mac OS, Apple i-Device & Android with the latest Microsoft Remote Desktop Client


Printer with Microsoft Windows server drivers will be supported


Scanning will be done at client’s local machine and uploaded to the CLOUD environment

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